Below are the different ways you can access and sign up for MINDBODY.
This is required for all PUSH members in order to sign you up for TRX and BODYPUMP classes. 
The software also allows you to make payments or have us set you up for a month-to-month auto billing for unlimited classes.

mindbody on computer

mindbody on phone

creating a login

creating a login

  1. Visit:

    If you are an exisitng customer of PUSH you can log into Mindbody using the same credentials that you have used in the past for the Push website.
  2. This will direct you to a login screen prompting you for either ‘Been Here Before’ or ‘New To Our Site’
  3. Use the ‘New To Our Site’ box and fill in your first and last name
  4. Follow the steps given by MINDBODY
  5. Check for the email sent from MINDBODY with a link you need to follow
  6. The email link will be used to sync the account PUSH has for you by you searching for PUSH on MINDBODY
  7. Your purchases should automatically load. If they don’t be patient it could take a few minutes to sync the two accounts
  8. Keep track of your login information. You will use this whenever you access the site to sign up for classes.
  1. Creating A Login Download MINDBODY Connect on your app store
  2. Follow the steps to make your login info
  3. Search for Push Fitness under the ‘Discover’ tab
  4. Open Push Fitness
  5. Click the star in the upper right hand corner to add it to your ‘Favorites’ tab
  6. Check for an e-mail from MINDBODY **On A Computer**
  7. Follow the link in the email to sync the account PUSH has already made for you **On A Computer**
  8. The app should take a few minutes to link your current purchases to your account





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