PUSH fitness was opened in July 2012 by Nanci and Jason DeSousa. To them PUSH is so much more than a place to workout, it's a family. It's a place where you can go to get a great workout and have a lot of fun doing it. There is no pressure, no judgment, just a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

How PUSH came to be: For most of her life Nanci struggled with maintaining a healthy weight. Like so many of us her weight was like a yo-yo, up and down. After the birth of her second child Nanci weighed more than at any other point in her life and made up her mind once and for all to do something about it. She ordered some workout DVDs and got to work. With a lot of hard work and time the pounds started to fall off and Nanci's love for fitness was reignited. She had found her sole-mate workout, a program called Turbo Kick. She was in love with this program and looked forward to every workout. It was always a dream of Nanci's to become a fitness instructor. One night Nanci had a conversation with Jason telling him that she really wanted to get certified to teach Turbo Kick. She loved the program and wanted to share her love for this program with others. Jason said "if you get certified where are you going to teach?" and Nanci said "I have no idea". Jason simply replied "why don't you open a place of your own?" That was it, PUSH was born from simple a conversation. Within a few weeks they came up with a name, a location and an idea of what they wanted PUSH to be.

Their mission: To provide the highest quality group fitness classes in a welcoming, judgment free and supportive environment. A place where the members come first and their experience is what matters. Members must feel comfortable and secure so they can reach their fitness goals. At PUSH they take this mission very seriously and work hard to ensure that your needs are met and your workout is an experience not just another boring workout.

  Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about PUSH Fitness.
  We look forward to meeting you!
 Nanci & Jason

369 S. Mountain Blvd. Mountain Top, PA 18707
Nanci@PushFitnessStudio.com - 516.528.7297